6. Vocabulary#

6.1. Imports#

  • skos:sameAs - for declaring that a given triplet is equivalent to another.

6.2. Container#

  • ordering - how the children are to be ordered

    • declaration - makes numerical references stronger, but less predictable.

    • alphabetic - makes numerical references weaker, but more predictable

6.3. Social#

  • Containers of other accounts

  • proxy identites: a given identity can specify a collection of alts that can only be resolved with the correct permission scope - so eg. a public account that is stable can be linked to by an abusive user, but they won’t be able to resolve a more private alt.

  • Peer Relationship Types

    • Other peers can be given special roles that allow them to operate on behalf of the peer in mutually independent ways:

    • Keybearer - also share a given private key,

  • Visibility

    • A peer can indicate that it is visible to a given scope as defined by a collection of peers and associated rules.

    • eg. a “close friends” collection could be given the visibility rule to make a peer visible to n-deep friends of friends.

    • A