AT Protocol/Bluesky#

We aren’t too concerned with billionaires cosplaying as altruists and the technologies they produce, but the AT Protocol has a few ideas, particularly related to identity, that are interesting.

Specifically, AT protocol differentiates between handles and identities, where DNS entries are used as short handles that resolve to a DID.

That’s about it, the rest of the handling of DID’s is extremely centralized (see did:plc which requires resolution against a single domain), and the requirement of all posts to be funneled through Big Graph Services rather than directly peer to peer is transparently designed to ensure a marketing and advertising layer in between actors in the network.




  • Using Domains as identity is great! the PLC method is not so great! We should use domains as a way of bootstrapping nodes into the network, giving people some extrinsic means of discovering the active peers within their identity, and also a means of distributed bootstrapping into the network.