Again, though we have a general distrust of the anarcho-capitalists, it’s worth a comparison.

Nostr is an extremely minimal protocol: . There just isn’t a lot there worth speaking of.

DNS identity#

Like AT Protocol, there is a NIP (noster implementation possibility) for using DNS to map keys:

It seems to be Webfinger-like, using a .json file under a .well-known path on a domain. An identity issues an event indicating a nip05 type:

  "pubkey": "b0635d6a9851d3aed0cd6c495b282167acf761729078d975fc341b22650b07b9",
  "kind": 0,
  "content": "{\"name\": \"bob\", \"nip05\": \"\"}"

and then does a GET to If the response looks like this:

  "names": {
    "bob": "b0635d6a9851d3aed0cd6c495b282167acf761729078d975fc341b22650b07b9"

then the identity is considered verified.


And a notion of Petnames:

Not so good#

  • Just a client-server architecture: clients must talk to relays, relays do not talk to one another.

  • Very very little in the way of a formalized spec for relays

  • Made by a bunch of bitcoin guys